Getting Textbook Scholarships to Save Money

Textbook Scholarships and Money for CollegeStarting college every year is a bit of a hassle these days. There are many components that are needed to be able to start school in the right direction whether it is moving into the dorms or getting all of your supplies together. All of these expenses build up stress when it comes to starting the semester. Money for college textbooks shouldn’t be one of those stresses. Especially for first year students this is a whole new world that hasn’t been explored and it is very easy to get lost in easy, expensive options for school especially with textbooks. Textbook scholarships are a great way of getting textbooks and not have so much out of pockets expenses or using loans.

Scholarships and grants are a great way to get the money you need to get the textbooks for your courses. The stress of paying for expensive college textbooks can be overwhelming even with lower cost options, even if you find low cost textbooks.

At an average of 6 percent inflation on college textbooks per year, they get more and more expensive. In modern schooling it is the “norm” for students to spend huge amounts of money for these books. Supposedly it’s the “cost of the education” with an upwards of close to a thousand dollars a year for text books.

FAFSA is the first stop when trying to find grants for your textbooks and education and is free to apply for. Grants from U.S. Department of Education is the largest provider for students aid each year. They help over 15 million students each year achieve a higher education with loans, grants, and work study programs.

Many online websites such as and offer general and textbook scholarships. They can also point you in the right direction for scholarships from other sites or institutions. Always for the general rules when filling out scholarships, never pay to apply and if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

If your a graduating high school student and going into your first year of college it might be a good idea to talk to your high school advisers about scholarships they offer or in your local community. There are many businesses and family groups that are happy to give students to the help they need to get a higher education. The colleges you are starting will usually have many textbook scholarship as well. Most scholarship apply to a specific group of students to you might have to put in the time but it’s well worth it.

This website gives you the information you need about textbooks and college materials. It will point you in the right direction to find out how to save as much money as possible when buying or selling textbooks. It will discuss such topics as why textbooks cost so much, ways of find textbooks for college while saving money, resources and websites to use, ways of selling textbooks for more, when to sell textbooks, and much more. Weigh you pros and cons and if you can go without your expensive college textbooks then go without it. The last worry you need is spending all of your loans and money on textbooks. We hope that can give you the information you need to save money on college textbooks and find textbooks easier this year.

If you have any tips or suggestions then please comment and help others find textbooks for college!


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