What To Do With Old Textbook On Your Bookshelf Every year I end up with at least one old textbook on my bookshelf because it became worth nothing and didn’t know what to do with it. Asking around I found a few different things you can do with them. Assuming you aren’t going to use… Read More

How to Take Care of Textbooks Taking care of your college textbooks can save you hundreds in the long run and save a lot of hassle. There are several different reasons to take care of textbooks that you own. If you are renting textbooks or wanting to sell them at the end of the semester then you… Read More

Knowing When to Sell Textbooks We all know, when it comes to selling textbooks, to buy textbooks as low as possible and to sell them as high as possible. But when is it the right time to sell textbooks? When your semester is coming to and end you should start thinking about selling your textbooks but don’t… Read More

Caution about where you find textbooks! Not all college textbook websites consistently offer the best deals so be careful when you find textbooks for a unbeatable deal. There are many websites that offer great deals but watch what you buy. For many reasons they aren’t as good as they sound. Many of them have small text… Read More

Find Textbooks Online with Amazon Prime Amazon is offering a free year of prime membership to college students with a valid .EDU e-mail address.  Refunds are given to current Amazon Prime subscription if you purchased it otherwise. This gives students the opportunity to get the college textbooks with free two-day delivers to save money on shipping,… Read More