Selling Textbooks: Get More Money Back

Selling textbooks is easier then you may think and you can get more money out then you might expect. Just avoid going to the bookstore first to sell your college textbooks. They will never give you anything near what you bought them for. The bookstore will have to pay a licensing fee to resell them as used. The easiest way is to see if your friends will be taking the class that you. After checking with your friends make sure that you have your textbook posted on your online social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Who Is the Best Person To Sell Your Textbooks Too?

Selling textbooks online can get a large amount of your investment back

Selling textbooks online is a better stratagy

First things first, taking care of your college textbooks can save you hundreds in the long run and save a lot of hassle. There are several different reasons to take care of textbooks that you own. If you are wanting to sell them at the end of the semester then you can always get more with textbooks in better condition. If you know how to take care of your textbooks then you can save more money for those college bills. This will all help you get more back when selling your textbooks.

Instead of selling your college textbooks you could think about making a trade. Textbooks can be worth a lot to the right person and if they have what you want then a trade can be better then cash. Give up a few textbooks for a new mini fridge, video game, or your favorite choice of beverage. Trading be can be a much better choice then selling textbooks.

We should also note some obvious things just in case you have bad habits when handling your textbooks. Put your textbooks on shelves and not floors. Don’t put huge creases into your textbooks and handle them with care because they are expensive and worth a lot when selling them. Avoid food and drinks if you can and put it away to avoid accidents.

Try not to highlight or underline your textbooks and if you do use fading highlighters. Lastly, try not leaving your textbooks in your book bag everyday. Besides being heavy, book bags dent and scratch books so if you don’t need to take it to class then don’t.

If you don’t have any success selling textbooks on social media sites, put the adds up on the other websites like Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon. Always double check to see how many people are selling the same textbook as you. Sometimes waiting a little while till less people are selling it means you’ll get more money out of selling it. Your college textbooks will sell quicker if you have the condition and a picture posted with it. Potential buyers like that better. The more information you can give about your book the better.

Selling textbooks to someone you know may be an advantage for both of you

Who are you selling your textbooks to?

When trying to figure out when to sell your textbooks is to watch what is happening to websites. Looking on Amazon and seeing hundreds of copies of the same textbook that your selling means it’s probably a bad time to sell. So watch and see how there selling and get in when there selling at an acceptable price.

Expect to get about half of the retail price for most books. You may get more or less depending on how many people are selling or how how many copies the website has in stock. Quality can also play an important role when it comes to selling textbooks. The better shape your books are in, the better chance you have to sell them.

Lastly, there are many sites that will buy back books at a higher price then college bookstores. These sites are great for selling textbooks quickly and with limited hassle. This includes sites such as,,, and many others. Find what fits you and what sites you like best. Just weigh your options and try to get the most money you can when selling textbooks.

This website gives you the information you need about textbooks and college materials. It will point you in the right direction to find out how to save as much money as possible when buying or selling textbooks. It will discuss such topics as why textbooks cost so much, ways of find textbooks for college while saving money, resources and websites to use, ways of selling textbooks for more, when to sell textbooks, and much more.

Weigh you pros and cons and if you can go without your expensive college textbooks then go without it. The last worry you need is spending all of your loans and money on textbooks. We hope that can give you the information you need to save money on college textbooks and find textbooks easier this year.

If you have any tips or suggestions then please a comment and help others find textbooks for college!

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