Why College Textbook Publishers Charge so Much

College textbook publishers sometimes get blamed for the high cost of their textbooks. But there are many reasons why textbooks cost so much these days. One of the main reasons why textbooks cost so much is because of how they are produced and who they are produced by. In a simple exclamation, it costs a lot of money to produce college level textbooks with all the research and time it takes to put the textbooks together and publish the books and then produce the books and pay the publishers as well. Publishers are running a business that needs to make money and putting so much effect and time into textbooks will raise the price. The textbook market is very complex to say the least and because of this very structure it makes textbooks expensive.

The amount of books that are produced also depends on how many of the books are ordered, among other things. How many books are ordered depends on how many professors pick the book to use in their class. Some professors care about the expenses of these books and some do not. Some professors use loose leaf books for binders to try and help with these expenses. Other professors will assign students to a book they authored themselves allowing them the benefit of the sales. So it’s not the college textbook publishers’ fault for the cost of their textbooks, it’s because of a lot of factors.

college textbook publishers

College Textbook Publishers

Even more, when these books are made, companies are never sure how many textbooks they will sell and how many they need to produce. Since companies have a hard time determining what books will be sold and how many they have to charge a lot for the books they do sell to cover the cost of all the books allowing them to hold onto some of their profits. As students dive deeper into their major of choice, their particular field becomes more and more specialized. These classes will start to demand specialized books on that material. Publishers also have to spend more time putting these textbooks together and end up costing more. So there’s no need to put all the blame on college textbook publishers and they have to make a profit, it’s a good lesson to learn in college and in business.

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